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Patient Marsida Sugari

Rated 5 Stars on Google Reviews

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Introducing The No-Stress Digital Smile Makeover

Looking for a simple but effective way to improve your smile? Why not start with a digital makeover? With digital smile design, you’ll see the results BEFORE making a large investment. Best of all you can get started for FREE!

Start with a low-cost, low-risk digital design

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How It Works

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Digital makeovers are the easiest and most affordable way to visualize your results without a big upfront commitment.

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Dr. Valbona Dumi

Imagine The Possibilities With Dr. Valbona Dumi

Dr. Valbona Dumi is one of Toronto’s top cosmetic dentists. Working from her smile design lab in Bloor West Village, Dr. Dumi uses advanced technology to bring her artistic vision of the perfect smile to life!

Explore the Possibilities For Free With Dr. Valbona Dumi:

  • Concerned about chips, cracks or discolouration?
  • Want to enhance the overall aesthetics of your smile?
  • Wish you could remove excess gum tissue?
  • Dreaming of the perfect Hollywood smile?
Rated 5/5 Stars on Google Reviews!

Thank you Doctor Valbona Dumi for giving me back my smileMarsida S

Great location, update to date with modern equipment and it has such a pleasant environment – Endry G

They took the time to listen to me – to what I wanted – Jurgena A

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FREE Zoom Whitening!

Now you can whiten your smile for free! With this limited time offer, we’ll include free teeth whitening, ($500 Value) with any of the following treatments:

Full Mouth Restorations

Dental Veneers

Dental Crowns

Need A Full Mouth Restoration?
We Can Rebuild Your Smile! Get Stunning Results Just Like Stan W of Toronto!

Seeing IS Believing!

Stan W.’s stunning transformation is a testament to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Before his treatment, Stan felt held back by the imperfections in his smile. Now, Stan beams with confidence, showcasing perfectly aligned, bright white teeth.

This striking change not only enhances his appearance but also uplifts his spirit, making it clear that seeing truly is believing. Stan’s journey from self-consciousness to self-assurance highlights the profound impact that a beautiful smile can have on one’s life.

Includes FREE In-Office Zoom Whitening!

Emax Veneers & Crowns

Whether you’re looking to correct discoloration, chips, or misalignments, Emax veneers and crowns offer superior translucency that is highly realistic and aesthetically pleasing.

The #1 Solution For A Natural Looking and Durable Hollywood Smile

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